The Community
      Assistance Center
Offering Specialized Programs to Enhance Community Safety and Productivity

CAC Hawaii Staff

In a field that is known for high turnover, Community Assistance Center has an impressive record of employee continuity. We have been able to retain key staff for considerable lengths of time: Our Executive Director has been with the agency for 18 years; our Lead Therapists have each been with the agency over 12 years; and our administrative and clerical staff have been with us more than 25 years each.

Executive Director — Andrick Tong

Controller — Mira Hall

Bookkeeper — Wilma Uclusin

Lead Therapist — Carrie Johnson

Lead Therapist — Tiffany Tanaka

Therapist — Robert Gernenz

Therapist — David Baldwin

Therapist — Jacqueline Kanekoa

Therapist — Dona Walpola