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Adult Self-Management Program

The ASM program is a professionally designed and delivered preventive program that equips individuals with the skills needed to successfully manage such strong emotional states as stress, anger, and anxiety on the job and off.

Stress, anger, and anxiety have caused the American workplace to become less pleasant and more dnagerous in this era of downsizing, pay reductions, and more work spread among fewer workers. To keep the workplace healthy and productive, employees need new attitudes, skills, concepts and behaviors. Our program meets that need.

Group sessions typically take place at CAC's offices in the Aloha United Way Building on the mauka-Diamondhead corner of Vineyard Boulevard and A'ala Street in downtown Honolulu. Free parking is available for participants. By prior agreement, sessions may also be offered on-site at company or agency facilities.

The core program is comprised of twenty hours of instruction in ten weekly two-hour evening sessions, or alternately, five four-hour Saturday sessions. The core program includes techniques on anxiety and stress management delivered in a respectful, supportive atmosphere. Homework assignments maybe submitted via the Internet, and counselors are available via both email, and through our interactive website. Experience shows that short programs such as all-day seminars, or even programs of a week or two cannot instill the lasting cognitive and behavioral changes that participants must acquire to manage habits that have accumilated over their lifetimes.

is a practical program honed over four decades of working successfully with difficult clients.Confidentiality is strictly maintained. Our approach in a professionally facilitated peer group of 8 to 12 individuals is based on well-established techniques and theories by respected authorities such as:

  • Dr. Albert Ellis - Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
  • Dr. Herbert Benson - Relaxation Response
  • Dr. Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence
  • Dr. David Viscott - Present-Focused Emotional Resilience.

Confidentiality is strictly maintained

A Brief Outline of the Curriculum:
    • Overview and introduction to Group Anger and Stress Management
    • Events and Cues: A Conceptual framework for understanding anger
    • Anger Control Plans: Concrete steps to take immediately
    • The Aggression Cycle: How to change the Cycle
    • Cognitive Restructuring: How to change your thinking
    • Assertiveness Training and Conflict Resolution
    • Review Session: Reinforcing learned concepts
    • Understanding Stress
    • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
    • Review Session #2: Putting your Skills to work; Closing
The Community Assistance Center (founded as the John Howard Association in 1958) is a well-established, highly regarded nonprofit social service agency. Our original mission was the social, economic and emotional re-integration of ex-offenders back into the community. For more than 40 years we have provided contracted services to various agencies within the State of Hawai'i. We curently provide services to such agencies as Department of Public Safety, Office of Youth Services, and the Family Court.

Now, with assistance from the Atherton Family Foundation, CAC is making its expertise available to the broader community, with emphasis on business and public service entities.

The Community Assistance Center is an Aloha United Way agency.

For more information about a customized program to meet your organization's needs contact Jerry Reardon, Executive Director,

by phone (808) 537-2917,

by E-mail or

by snail mail:

Community Assistance Center
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